Metrix Create:Space

Metrix Create:Space is open for business.

Awesome: Metrix Create:Space is mentioned on the MAKE Magazine Blog

Part techshop, part hackerspace, part coffeeshop, open to the public on a busy retail strip (Broadway, Seattle WA), Metrix Create:Space asks, "What can you make?"

Soda, snacks, tools, fast internet (50M/10M Cable), 3D printing, laser cutting and etching, electronics, sewing machines and craft supplies. Events and workshops.

On Capitol Hill, near the intersection of Broadway and Roy, downstairs.

Open 12PM to 12AM 7 Days a week.

P.S. Feel free to sign the visitor log at People.

What is Metrix?

We're a public workshop in the heart of the city, a place for you to come work on projects of most any sort and talk to other people doing the same thing.

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