Embroidery Bot


The embroidery bot can accommodate designs up to 3"x4" in multiple colors.


Bring in a .bmp to use. It helps if your file is easily traceable, but the only way we'll really know is if you bring it in. The program will create blocks which can be filled with embroidery in various orientations and colors. You are welcome to help us pick if you like. We'll do the file conversion and run the machine.
If you are hoping to get patches done, the embroidery machine does not produce a finished edge. We do have sergers available in our Bottomless Toolbox which are capable of producing the overlocking stich (usually referred to as a merrow on patches). We highly encourage you to finish them!


There are currently no workshops scheduled for this.

Cost Structure

$10 per 3"x4" design (single color), $2 per additional color of thread

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