Mini audio amplifier


Power Supply: DC 3.6v-5.5V,
Single lithium battery, USB powered, or four 1.2V batteries, Transformer power supply must be 5V voltage regulator, the chip will burn out if more than 5.5V
Output power: 3W +3 W
SNR: 90dB
Efficiency: >90%
Hole Size: Pitch 20mm, Bore: 2mm


Positive and negative power supply can not be reversed, Supply voltage must not exceed 5.5V, otherwise the IC will burn out.
build-in high-gain buffer, please do not change any component of the board, otherwise will lead to IC damage.
Please try to use the input line with shielded cable, Eliminate clutter current sound.
CMOS BTL output, 4 speaker wire connection is completely independent, please do not connect together.

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