Nixies and VFDs


Model Cyrillic Description
IN-1 ИН-1 Digits, end-on, round, 18x10 mm
IN-2 ИН-2 Digits, end-on, round
IN-3 ИН-3 Neon bulb
IN-4 ИН-4 Digits, end-on, round
IN-6 ИН-6 Indicator?
IN-7 ИН-7 Units, end-on: n + m A V М Ω ~ K -
IN-7A ИН-7А Units, end-on: n K - m % + M
IN-7B ИН-7Б Units, end-on: W V Hz H V S A
IN-8-2 ИН-8-2 Digits, non-ugly "5" digit
IN-9 ИН-9 Bargraph
IN-12A ИH-12А Digits, end-on, square, 18mm x 12mm
IN-12B ИH-12Б Digits, end-on, square
IN-13 ИН-13 Bargraph, orange
IN-14 ИН-14 Digits, 18mm x 12mm
IN-15A ИН-15А Units, end-on, square: - + % n k M m P Π μ
IN-15B ИН-15Б Units, end-on, square: W V Hz H V S A
IN-15D ИН-15Д Units, end-on, square: n % П k M m + = P µ
IN-16 ИН-16 Digits
IN-17 ИН-17 Digits, end-on, square
IN-18 ИН-18 Digits
IN-19A ИН-19А Units: n K M °C % P m
IN-19B ИН-19Б Units: H A Ω Hz S F T V
IN-19V ИН-19В Units: H A Ω Hz S F T V
IN-24 ИН-24 Bulb
IN-28 ИН-28 Indicator(?)
IN-29 ИН-29 Bulb, green
INS-1 ИНС-1 Dot


Model Cyrillic Description
IV-3 ИВ-3 7-segment, 8 mm high
IV-4 ИВ-4 18-segment (16-segment + tails for Д, щ)
IV-6 ИВ-6 7-segment
IV-8 ИВ-8 7-segment, mini
IV-9 ИВ-9 7-segment Numitron, orange, 11mm x 8 mm
IV-11 ИВ-11 7-segment
IV-12 ИВ-12 7-segment
IV-13 ИВ-13 7-segment Numitron, orange
IV-15 ИВ-15 Bargraph Indicator
IV-17 ИВ-17 18-segment (16-segment + tails for Д, щ)
IV-21 ИВ-21 8 x 7-segment
IV-22 ИВ-22 7-segment, end-on, square
IV-27 ИВ-27 14 x 7-segment
IV-28 ИВ-28 8 x 7-segment
IV-29 ИВ-29 Dot
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