The shop has a LPKF Protomat C60 which can be used to generate prototype pcbs.

It is capable of doing double sided boards, and we have successfully done 8mil space/trace. We did break an amazing amount of tools doing it though, so until we figure out how to reliably get boards out of this machine, we have not promoted its use.

We do not have a wide selection of end mills or drill sizes at this time, which has also limited its use. We are also figuring out the best laminates to use that break the least amount of tooling and still give a good result.

Because of these issues, the protomat has become a custom-only tool with no standard rates set. For details, contact Matt.

Requires gerbers of top, bottom and pcb board edge. Also excellon drill file.

Workflow is modified version of http://optics.eee.nottingham.ac.uk/eagle/eagle2lpkf_at_eee.html

Files need to be opened and modified in CircuitCam, then exported to Boardmaster.

With KiCAD, you do not need to run a cam file, just use File/Plot and export Front/Back and PCB_Edges. Also generate a drill file in the plot dialog (for some reason, this is a separate step)

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