Recommendations for the Metrix Create Space by devoted fans

This is a list of recommendations on ways Metrix Create Space can be all the cooler, make more money, and help people make stuff.

Title Description Added By Current Status
Electronic Parts Inventory Provide bins with common parts like 10k resistors, 1uF capacitors, transistors, switches, diodes, etc that people can purchase. My friends and I wouldn't mind paying a good 2x or more markup to have parts on hand in the shop. Noah Coad Ask at the counter. We have a pretty big variety of electronics parts and are getting more.
Free Seminars w Guest Speakers Bring in guests to give talks and let the talks be free to attend, and have the parts on hand for attendees to purchase if they get inspired and want to imitate the speakers. Eg: Ward Cunningham has cool stuff he makes and would give talks about it. Noah Coad We have a calendar, and it doesn't take much to get on it. Just ask at the counter.
Display Case of Electronic Kits Have a display case with some cool electronic kits. There'd be an assembled working version to show off, then a small supply of the kits someone can buy and build in shop. has lots of great kits to stock. Noah Coad Vending machine has more kits, and we should have more each week or so. Shop soldering happens when we have time to spare
Equipment Exchange A bulletin board or database where folks can post items they want to buy, sell, trade, or give away would be handy. Maybe Metrix could even sell larger ticket items on consignment? Matt Towers We have a news type board already, and a business card / resource board is going up next.
Uservoice Forum DONE - A place where people can post ideas and questions, vote on them, provide answers, etc. and/or a persistent repository of Q&A for projects on which people are working. Matt Towers Uservoice is set up on the www site.
Sale subscriptions to MAKE Magazine Every subscription sold by nets the club $17.50 (more info: Jesse Hawkins
Host a sugru HACKquarium "You provide the venue and the hackers, and we'll provide massive lumps of sugru (for free!), as well as some instructional videos and a guide to making your HACKquarium kick ass. We're also looking for someone to provide the beer, but no promises." More @ Jesse Hawkins
An ABOUT US on the main page A quick synopsis of "who we are" "where we came from" "what this place is about" "how you can help keep it going" ,etc on the main page would be nice. Thanks Rob
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