We have a wide variety of tools available for you to use. Sidecutters, screwdrivers, scissors, sewing machines, sergers, multimeters and more.

It does take some digging/asking in person to figure out what is here. New tools are added all the time, and the Internet is the last to know.

Embroidery machine
Sewing machine
Torx and Security bits
Allen wrenches
Screwdrivers and Socket sets
pointy things, spudgers, phone dissasembly tools
wii/nintendo tools
hammers, saws, clamps
Sheet metal nibbler and shears
clay working tools
depowdering station
vaccuum chamber
casting station
drills and drill press
power supplies
Signal Generator
HP 16500A logic analyzer
300mhz 4 channel tektronics oscilloscope (analog)
digital oscilloscope
Bus Pirates
AVR programmer
Pic programmer


Talk to a labcoat at the counter, sign the quick liability waiver and checkout the tools you need. We are adding tool inventory all the time, so if there's something that we don't have, let us know and we'll make sure to get it.


Cost Structure

Bottomless tool caddy is $5/hr
Sergers, sowing machines, and the embroidery bot are $10/hr

Discounts are available with membership.

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