Vending Machine

We try to keep the vending machine interesting to amuse ourselves and keep up with people's needs.

It usually carries an assortment of snacks, candy, parts and project materials.

It currently has arduinos, breadboards, jumper wire, solder, flux pens, various adapters and power supplies, sun chips, clif bars and M&Ms. Inventory changes with the wind.

New fun things.

Wii Nunchuck (cheap accelerometer and buttons!) $10

WD-40 pen $1.50

30grams of [Polycaprolactone] $1.50

Arduino Duemillenova $35

1.5ft USB A to B Cable $5

Sack o Duino - ATMEGA 168 with arduino bootloader, 16Mhz clock, voltage regulator, pins, LED and resistor. $10

BlipLace 1.0 Kit - Sound reactive wearable button kit. $10

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