stress, the mind killer?!

It is essential to transform the spirit into one or a part of everyone's life, such as weight, people's activities. Research has shown that whenever we think or feel something in a certain way, we need to reach consensus. The movement of one of the muscles in the body is often linked

Stress has its advantages and disadvantages. But grief is a punishment, a greater grief, not a necessity, it may be a tragedy and the end of life. If people insist on the importance of the body, it is that the body can "fight" or "run" at any time without it
The heart is beating. Insert blood to carry oxygen and other organs into the bloodstream to accelerate blood loss
Stay faster but still still
There are secrets of the Creator and other organs in the blood.
The iris becomes larger and brighter.
Ready to carry muscles ready for exercise to prepare for battle or escape
Tight blood vessels in the body parts.
Seeding due to increased activity increases body temperature
After stress, the body returned to normal. However, difficulty is a bigger issue than after birth. It does not diminish and disappear as usual, nor does it come from events without actual threats

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